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Pre-Funding Tactics – The Art of Pitching Without Pitching

Don’t start to pitch Venture Capitalists until you’ve tested their likely level of interest in your startup.  This means making the effort and spending the time to build relationships with potential VC’s before you ask for money. And for those thinking that connecting with VC’s is ‘easier said than done’, sure it isn’t easy. But […]

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6 Ways to Build Trust with US-Based Investors

Today’s guest post is by Eyal Bino, Founder CEO of the World Wide Investor Network. If you are a founder of an innovative technology startup from outside the US, you know exactly what I’m talking about. The geographic distance, the difference in the business culture, the contacts (or lack of them), the cost, the time […]

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Why Most Startups Shouldn’t Seek Investment

A client said to me last week that if I was so against startups raising capital from investors, why did I always blog and tweet about pitching investors. Fair point, made in response to my attempt to encourage him to bootstrap rather than pursue Angel Funding. The current bubbling market and spate of tech IPO’s […]

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