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Pitching and Why You Must Stop Your Audience from Thinking

Research has consistently proven that people make decisions on emotion and then justify them with fact. Although we may like to think of ourselves, first and foremost, as rational, cognitive human beings, the reserach data says otherwise. We’re not Rational This fact of life applies equally to everyone, including lawyers, investors, and executives. The primacy […]

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Working Out How Much to Raise Before You Pitch Investors

One of the most common areas of uncertainty we see with entrepreneurs pitching investors, is how much they should ask for. Entrepreneurs justifiably worry that if they ask for too little they will be back looking for more 5 minutes later and if they ask for too much, they may end up scaring away investors […]

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The e-Book of Funny Startup Videos

M. Scott Peck’s first sentence in the ‘Road Less Travelled’ is “Life is difficult”. That’s certainly true if you have chosen the path of the entrepreneur. Laughter is an effective strategy for coping with every day stress and strains, so we created this short e-book  of funny videos about entrepreneurs. Being able to laugh at […]

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