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How One Entrepreneur Became an Investor Magnet

This is the true story of ‘Ryan’ (not his real name). A serial entrepreneur with no qualifications and a very limited understanding of financials or launching a startup. Ryan, however, is an entrepreneur with a deep understanding of people, who consistently and easily raises hundreds of thousands of dollars from very savvy, experienced investors. I […]

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Customer Validation – Truth and Consequences For Startups

When startups fail to obtain evidence to support their assumption that customers will buy and use their product, their chances of failure rocket.  A lack of customer insight means you’re more likely to launch something that does not have the necessary product / market fit. It also means an investor will refuse to fund you, […]

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Launching a Startup or Pitching Investors? Focus on Failure In Order to Succeed

If you want to launch a successful startup or raise business funding, it’s critical that you spend  time anticipating failure. This may seem counter intuitive and contrary to the optimistic mindset that is equally essential for entrepreneurial success. However, it is only when you identify the many reasons why your startup or investor pitch may […]

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