Entrepreneurs, Execution and Evaluation

In the thick of doing more faster and moving fast and breaking things, it’s very easy for entrepreneurs to lose perspective and clarity on what’s working and what isn’t. Unless forced upon them, entrepreneurs rarely feel they have the luxury to stop and step back.

Frequent evaluation is critical to effective execution and consistent improvement. Without it, you may be putting your efforts into the 80% that achieve little rather than that all-important 20%. The urgent, rather than the important. This is all the more likely if your startup is not being tightly project managed (by an experienced project manager rather than piece of software).

Consistently evaluating your performance and achievements ensures that you are implementing the principle of accountability. Execution without accountability is a pipe dream.

An effective technique used by many successful individuals, is to practice the daily discipline of performance evaluation. It’s very simple, quick to do and highly effective. At the end of every day

1. Identify the number one thing you did that day that moved you significantly closer to achieving your most important goal.

2. Identify the number one thing you need to do better tomorrow or at all, that will move you closer to your goal in the fastest time possible.

3. Commit to repeating No.1 (if still relevant) and doing No. 2, no matter what else happens tomorrow.

Apply this simple, quick process at the end of each and within a short period of time you’ll find yourself moving faster towards achieving your goals than ever before.

Martin is the Founder of the Investor Pitch Clinic, creator of the Execution Edge Video Coaching Program and author of ‘Here’s the Pitch’.

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About Martin Soorjoo

Martin Soorjoo is the founder of San Francisco based Pitch Clinic. Over the past 25 years he has advised, coached and worked with Senior Executives, Investment Bankers, Venture Capitalists, Angels, Startup Founders, Attorneys, Judges, Politicians and other high achievers. Martin works with his clients to increase their Performance, Productivity and Presence. He also helps them create and deliver high impact presentations, whether they are delivering an important keynote address, raising venture capital or seeking a senior position in a company or public body. A former award winning attorney, Martin is the creator of 3XP Performance Coaching and and author of 'Here's the Pitch - How to Pitch Your Business to Anyone, Get Funded and Win Clients' published by Wiley. During his career at the Bar, Martin was consistently rated by the world’s leading legal directories as a ‘leader in his field’. He is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and expert in body language and performance psychology.

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